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This article is about content that's currently unavailable in the Offline Mode hiatus.
Perk Training Perk


Perk Training is an ability that can be unlocked by any Fighter that lets them unlock various Perks.

During the Offline Mode hiatus, players are unable to unlock and access this ability, since all current Perks are available from the get-go.

How to Unlock[]

Reach Mastery Level 9 with the Fighter you want to unlock this ability. This process must be done with each Fighter individually.


Perk Training lets the player unlock the Perks for a Fighter that can't unlock them via Mastery Leveling. Each Perk can be unlocked for 150 Gold Ui icons gold colored. If the player has unlocked Perks for other Fighters other than for the ones they want to train said Perks to, than those Perk will receive a -33% clearance and will cost 100 Gold Ui icons gold colored to unlock for said Fighters instead. 15 Perks can be trained at a time.