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This article is about one of the Fighters. For other uses, see Rick & Morty (Disambiguation).

Morty, fully known as Morty Smith, is an upcoming Fighter from the Rick and Morty Universe in MultiVersus. He was revealed on July 22nd, 2022 and will be released on August 23rd, 2022 (originally slated to release alongside Season 1 on August 9th, 2022).[1] [2]

Official Biography[]

Aw geez, it’s a fighting game.

Lots of people have close relationships with their grandparents. And then there’s… whatever Morty has with his grandpa, Rick. While under Rick’s “supervision” Morty has been dragged all over the universe. Whether it’s through countless different time streams, or in and out of various dimensions (mostly legally), he does his best to remain optimistic despite the crushing truths of reality.

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Specials (Ground)[]

  • Uh, Auto-Pilot? (UP) - To be announced...
  • It's a Grenade, I Think (NEUTRAL) - To be announced...


To be announced...

Update History[]

July 22 2022
  • Morty was revealed to be a playable fighter in MultiVersus.